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Secret: Recoating a pool is often preferable to replastering.

If a pools plaster is rough, stained and unsightly, but the plaster is firm and adhering well to the gunite, coating a pool is probably preferable. A coating will provide a clean new look and feel for a fraction of the cost of replastering. Coating the pool will also extend the life of the plaster and make the pool easier to maintain with less chemicals.

Secret: Refinishing fiberglass pools, spas, diving boards and slides can be accomplished in 3 easy steps.

To refinish fiberglass you can simply clean the fiberglass with Prep- A Cleaning solution or any brand name degreaser and then scratch sand the surface rough with 80-grit sandpaper. You than can apply two coats of Poolpoxy 11 Epoxy Finish using the first coat as your primer and the second coat as your finish. The result is a new looking durable resin finish that can even take the high temperatures in spas.

Secret: Upgrading your chlorinated rubber pool to an epoxy finish made simple

To upgrade a chlorinated rubber pool to an epoxy finish, you simply follow normal cleaning procedures and then prime the pool with Nelsonite Hi-Bild Primer 49-150. This acts as a tie coat that then can be top coated with solvent base epoxy finishes.

Secret: Providing slip resistance to pool stairs, shallow ends and decks.

It’s essential to provide slip resistance where people are walking in wet environments. You simply add Nelsonite Add-a-Grip to your coating or broadcast Add-A-Grip directly into a freshly coated area and roll over it. Add-A-Grip is a finely processed aluminum granule that is blended in 3 sizes for long lasting protection.

Secret: You can keep pools clear of cloudy “chalking water” by maintaining proper chemistry for coated pools.

The proper water chemistry for coated pools is as follows,
A pH in the range of 7.2-7.8
A Total Alkalinity in the range of 125-150ppm.
Calcium Hardness in the range of 175-225ppm.

To overcome the problem of cloudy water in a pool, perform the following steps:

1.     Adjust the Total Alkalinity and calcium hardness to the recommended levels

2.     Add a sequestering agent or chelating agent. These agents are commonly called stain and scale control agents.

3.     Add a “clarifier” or “flocculent” to the water. This product will bind together the small particles of debris that would normally pass through the filter system.

4.     Turn on the filtering system so that it will operate 16-20 hours per day. Do this for 5 days.

5.     Brush the sides of the pool as often as possible during this time.

Secret: Cleaning pool surfaces more effectively, more safer and more easily.

Nelsonites Prep-A cleaning solution cleans the oil, grease, scum, mildew and other organic matters from surfaces. When added to muriatic acid and water it thickens the solution to provide an easier more effective cleaner for vertical surfaces. It also reduces the noxious fumes of the muriatic acid and reduces the damaging effects of the acid upon the plaster or concrete surfaces and nearby metal surfaces. Prep-A rinses completely from the surface, leaving no soapy or detergent film.

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