Q: How can I upgrade my pool from a chlorinated rubber finish to an epoxy finish?
A: You can prime your chlorinated rubber coated pool with Hi-Bild Epoxy Primer and then topcoat with either Poolpoxy II or Poolpoxy Hi-Bild. You can also apply two coats of Propoxy directly over a Chlorinated rubber coated pool in fair to good condition.

Q: What pool paint is best suited for a fiberglass pool or spa?
A: Two coats of Poolpoxy II coated over a clean fiberglass surface that has been scratch sanded with an 80-grit sandpaper. Your first coat of Poolpoxy II can be considered your primer coat with the second coat being your finish coat.

Q: How can I coat a fiberglass slide or driving board?
A: The same procedure for coating a fiberglass pool or spa above can be followed.

Q: How do I determine what type of paint is currently on my pool or spa?
A: A simple test can determine weather it is a rubber base coating or an epoxy coating (the most-used pool coatings). Pour a small amount of Nelsonite's Solvent 150 (or a solvent such as xylene) on a flat portion of the coated pool surface. Let the solvent sit for 30 seconds, and then rub the area with a rag. If the coating comes off, it is a rubber base coating. The solvent will not affect epoxy coatings in any way.

Q: Can I apply Nelsonite product over tile?
A:We recommend applying Poolpoxy II Epoxy on tile that has been abraded/sanded with #60 grit sandpaper along with proper surface preparation to achive mechanical adhesion.

Q: Are Nelsonite products safe for koi ponds?
A: Nelsonite products will not harm aquatic and plant life if the paint is allowed to cure for the recommendedd amount of time before refilling the pond.

Q: What does "pot life" mean for epoxy paints?
A: Once Part A and Part B are mechanically mixed together, "pot life" refers to the amount of time that the applicator has to work with epoxy paint before it begins to chemically cure and harden.

Q: Can I apply Nelsonite products to a stainless steel or metal surfaced pool?
A: No, Nelsonite does not produce a coating for application to metal surfaces.

Q: Is there a non-slip product that I can use for my deck or step area of my pool?
A: Nelsonite has a non-slip additive called Add-A-Grip that can be added to the paint can/tray or broadcast over the paint that has been freshly applied and is still wet.

Q: What does "box" mean?
A: To box paint means to intermix several containers of paint together to achieve uniformity of color.

Q: What are the proper water chemistry levels for coated pools?
A: Recommended levels for commercial and resideential pools: pH 7.2 - 7.8. Free chlorine residual 1.0 - 3.0 ppm. Alkalinity 125 - 150 ppm for coated pools. Calcium hardness 175-225 ppm. Temperature should never ereach over 100 F for pools and 104 F for spa.

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