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Provide quality coatings for the rapidly growing market for refinishing pools, spas, decks, fountains and koi ponds.

Easy flexible inventory requirements can be custom designed for your individual market needs.

You will be featured on our website as a source for Nelsonites popular line of products. A website that is visited by consumers hundreds of times a day.

Program includes full technical support by e-mail, telephone, online brochures and M.S.D.S. Sheets.

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Nelsonite Pool and Deck Coating Applicator

You can make the coating and refinishing of pools, spas, decks, fountains, and koi ponds a profitable addition to your current business or a stand alone business of it’s own.

Enjoy wholesale pricing along with technical support, marketing and business assistance and referrals from our high traffic web site and professional sales team.

Contact us or fill out the form above, to begin earning thousands of dollars of additional income as an applicator of Nelsonite Pool and Deck Coatings.

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