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Deckgard is a premium, waterborne waterproofing concrete and masonry sealer for all concrete surfaces, in- or outdoors. It's a tough, durable, low-sheen coating for pool decks, patios, walkways as well as for interior concrete floors. It dries quickly to a smooth finish and is for concrete surfaces.

A single component waterborne acrylic topcoat that forms to a hard, durable low sheen finish. Formulated for use on concrete and other porous surfaces. Deckgard features excellent adhesion and is virtually unaffected by intermittent standing water and pool water chemicals.
- For swimming pool decks, patios, walkways, and concrete floors.
- A self-priming two-coat system.
- Has a pool deck like appearance.
- Available in White, Buff Beige, Pueblo Beige, Sahara Tan and Light Gray.
- Add-A-Grip slip resistant additive can be added for greater safety in areas where there is danger of slipping and falling.
- Coverage: 300 sq. ft./gal.

Cleargard Acrylic is a waterproofing concrete and masonry sealer formulated for easier cleaning and a longer service life. Use over DECKGARD anytime after allowing to dry for at least 4 hours. Alternatively, Cleargard may be directly applied to the substrate
by itself to seal brick, concrete, flagstone etc..

A multi-purpose clear, low sheen topcoat sealer for concrete, stone, brick pavers and other masonry surfaces.
- Protects surfaces from efflorescence, water absorption, spalling and staining.
- Dust, dirt and grime are cleaned easily from surfaces treated with this product.
- Water clean up.
- Low odor.
- Coverage: 400 sq. ft./gal.

Cleargard Epoxy is a waterproofing concrete and masonry sealer formulated as a two-component clear gloss waterbased epoxy for interior surfaces that get severe usage. Designed to protect painted or unpainted concrete and masonry surfaces. Great for garage floors, showrooms or decorative interior concrete surfaces.
- Provides a high gloss, mar resistant protective finish.
- It is slightly ambered to give a wet look to concrete.
- Low odor.
- Water cleanup.
- Coverage: 350 sq.ft./gal.

ADD-A-GRIP (pool and deck)
Add-A-Grip is a texturing agent for use with Nelsonite Pool and Deck Coatings. Add-A-Grip provides a slip resistant surface and greater safety in coated areas where there is danger from slipping and falling.
- Can be applied by broadcasting into wet coatings on first coat and then applying a second coat. Or can be intermixed into the coating for the final coat.
- A durable easy on the feet, slip resistant texture.
- Available in 2lb. Containers.
- 2lbs will cover up to 300 square feet of surface area.

PREP A (pool and deck)
A concentrated waterborne surface cleaner that can be used alone or mixed with muriatic acid and water to clean surfaces prior to the coating procedure. Prep A is biodegradable and contains no phosphates.
- It cleans the surface of oils, grease, scum, mildew and other organic matter, which interfere with the adhesion of coatings.
- It thickens the solution of muriatic acid and water, thereby making it a more effective cleaning agent, especially on vertical pool walls.
- It reduces the noxious fumes of muriatic acid.
- Prep A rinses completely from the surface, leaving no soapy or detergent film.
- 20 ounces of Prep A will make 5 gallons of cleaning solution.
- Each gallon of cleaning solution will clean 100-150 square feet.

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